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For many people, life has handed them lemons. So many come from a rough background: abuse, isolation, poverty, loneliness. Our founder and vintner, Matthew Hexter, experienced an adolescence marked by his parent’s divorce, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, then basically navigated his high school years on his own. Like many, he turned to alcohol to deaden the pain.


Thankfully that’s not where his story ends.

"The great hope we have is that things really can be different." - Craig McConnell

Through a series of mentors and a pivotal experience at a Young Life camp, our vintner decided alcohol wouldn’t dictate his life.


Now married 30 plus years and the father of six, he can honestly say he’s driven to produce something -- citrus wine -- that’s redemptive and good.


What was once bad is now “Evergood.”

Hexter Family.jpg

Our vintner has been making wines from lemons, not grapes, for over 10 years. When we launched as a business in January 2018, he named our winery Evergood Elixirs, now rebranded as Evergood Adventure Wines. An elixir is a liquid “capable of remedying an ill or difficulty.”


While alcohol can tear down, we want our wines to build up.


It is our hope you enjoy our wines with good friends and healthy families, those who truly know and support the real you, as you together celebrate shared adventure


Think of current alcohol commercials and advertising campaigns. Most celebrate the escapism that alcohol provides. Many share the fun that’s really hiding emptiness and pain. As we explain the Evergood Adventure Wines story, we want to be honest about the darkness to highlight the potential for good. We want to change the trajectory of our industry.


We want our wines to be part of something Evergood: healthy relationships, genuine community, and powerful legacy. We want our wines to help you celebrate shared adventure.

...make “adult” lemonade!

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