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nonprofit gifts & tours


If you are a nonprofit registered in the state of Colorado seeking a donation, please note we do not donate bottles of wine. Instead, we offer a certificate to redeem for a group Exclusive Winery Tasting and Tour, valued at $250, which your nonprofit can auction often for more than face value.


So we can evaluate your request to ensure our missions align, please provide the following information to


  1. Name of your nonprofit and its mission,

  2. Proof of nonprofit status,

  3. Name and date of the event,

  4. How many guests/participants you expect at your event and finally,

  5. Your contact info including a physical address where we could mail a certificate.


After your event, give the certificate to the winning bidder so they can book their Tasting & Tour directly with us.


If you are the high bidder for a gift certificate at a nonprofit fundraiser, we look forward to sharing our Colorado winery with you! See below for all the details...

DURATION: 60 minutes

FREE SAMPLES: All guests 21+ get one free flight of our wines made from lemons, not grapes! ID’s required.

GROUP SIZE: Minimum number of guests is 10. Groups are welcome to bring their own food. For larger groups including business and club outings, wedding/engagement parties and reunions, we are happy to suggest and help you arrange a food truck, caterer and additional tables and chairs on-premise. Electricity is available and permits may be necessary at additional costs.

BUYING WINE: Bottles sold at special event-only prices. We accept cash or credit/debit card. We provide drinking glasses and ice so bottles may be opened and poured from at the winery. We will re-cap unfinished bottles for you to take home.

LOCATION: Your awesome tour experience will take place at our winery in beautiful Palmer Lake. Enjoy our head vintner's nostalgic 80's playlist and gorgeous mountain views as you sit and sip our wines made from lemons, not grapes. 

BOOKING: All events must be booked at least two weeks in advance. 

DATES: We conduct our winery tours on weekend afternoons, subject to availability. Other dates by request. 

HOW TO RESERVE: To book your tour, contact or call (719) 966-7350.

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