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wine made from lemons

Years ago, there were just a few beer options. Now when you walk into a liquor store, you're probably completely overwhelmed. The alarm bells started ringing 4 years ago: The craft beer industry is oversaturated. While craft breweries continue to increase, the market is changing. Many industry experts think we’ve hit a bubble. Why?

Much can be attributed to the new generation of 20 somethings who are finding their preference in adult beverages. Since 1992, their preference for beer has dropped 30%! So what are they drinking? Surprisingly, they are drinking wine, along with other non-beer drinks. Many wonder if wine is the new craft beer.


Introducing Skier Pee, Snow Bunny & Switch Stance. Wine made from lemons, not grapes.

So... can you really make wine from lemons, not grapes? 


Skier Pee, Snow Bunny & Switch Stance are true non-carbonated citrus wines, delicious and refreshing over ice. They take 6 weeks to ferment and the ABV is 10%. All are gluten-free, vegan, and low in sugar compared to "sweet" wines. 


Skier Pee, our "flagship" wine, tastes like adult lemonade. Snow Bunny is our strawberry flavored lemon wine that tastes like adult cool-ade. Some call it their "adult juice box." 


And Switch Stance, our newest wine, is made from both lemons and limes and tastes like an adult spright or mountain doo. An instant margarita in a bottle!


LOW IN SUGAR: Most sweet wines contain 3.5 - 7 grams of sugar per ounce. Skier Pee and Switch Stance contain 1.5 grams and Snow Bunny contains 2.1 grams!


Skier Pee, Snow Bunny, and Switch Stance are completely different from Mike’s hard lemonade and traditional wine coolers, which are made from malted barley (which means they contain gluten) and have low ABV. In fact, some wine coolers don’t even contain wine!


Our whimsical branding and packaging, unique recipe, and mystique of the Colorado mountains allow us to offer the right product at the right time.

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